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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 5, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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tomorrow night, in an hour earlier, good night from new york. neil: all right, well something big is going on tomorrow, candids were hot and busy all over the swing states map today, ohio getting a share of attention, then virginia, then florida, all crucial states that could decide who is the next president of the united states, welcome i am neil cavuto, we're hoping to have this resolved with our coverage that starts with stuart varney, then lou dobbs, and we are on 6:55 eastern time, we hope to have it resolved early morning november 7, betting is 1 or 2 aim, aimee copland, i would -- i
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thought we would push ourselveses into our friend don imus' program, but because it could be so close, in particular ohio, that there will be recounts automatic recounts there could be lawyers, automatic litigating that is where you find our eric shawn in cleveland, ohio, they are getting ready for the worse in this case, what could be a long, drawn-out series of days, picking through ought of the votes, right? >> you are right, more than days, right now tonight, christmas wreaths are out in front of tower city center top of tower lit up in red, white and blue, is it possible we could be here until december? i don't think so, but this is how it could potentially happen. automatic recount starts in ohio if you are within 1/4 of 1% of the vote that is about 20,000
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votes, in 2008, you have about 5.6 million or more, this time, money less, because there is that trem couthat you talk abou0 people, jimmy carter won the state with 11,000, but, automatic recount only starts after all the county certify the results that is november 27. then you count and recount, votes and certification does not come until sometime in december. what could happen we're waiting for the provisional ballots they are about 150,000 to 200,000 this time, you go to polling place, you don't have i.d. or they don't have out list o'neal neil at some other address, you vote provision alley, have you 10 days to go back in to the board to say this is who i am that pushing it to november 17. and where i am now, they will certify the votes, november 18,
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that is 11 days afternoon the elections, -- after the elections then they have to count them. neil: if you go to recount, you talk early december that would be analogous to 2000, i think al gore conceded on the 13th. so that would push it that late. only thing i coulde add to, that when you went through this with me, that the losing candidate might say well, it is not going to benefit me, because, even if i were to pick up ohio, it is not enough to change the election result it only gets crucial i assume if it stands to change overall election outcome. >> right if they think whichever side loses ohio it will not make a difference at the end of the day, that is what happens.
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but if it is even everywhere else. ohio makes a difference. it comes down to ohio that type of scenario you can have. the secretary of state of ohio, a republican, he believes that early morning hours we'll know the winner of this race, we will not have a so-called what they call a nightmare scenario that goes into the provisional ballots and absentee ballots that don't even get certified for another 11 days, we'll see neil, drinking a lot of coffee. neil: your reporting has been great, follow this new news. >> they have a lawsuit that is coming out after. we may go stay up all night
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election night go from where they are counting to federal court house. neil: eric shawn in ohio, there is precedent for this in 2004, we had a situation where george bush was winning popular vote, but had he lost ohio, he would have lost the etec rally vote, -- electoral vote it would be republican who would have won the republican vote but lost electoral vote, because it was beyond margin of error for potential protesting, john kerry and his forces decided to stand down, and george w. bush was reelected president of the united states. all right, to virginia, another battle ground state, very close, and in these polls, you have mitt romney, leading in a lot of them, not all but a lot, virg
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numbers go up, and the big teal, neil in all polls there are some number of undecided. 2 or 5%, those people, they are say, you know this last 4 years, had not done it we're worse than we were then i'm giving mitt romney a chance, that is the bottom line in why mitt romney is going to win. neil: i can never understand, those who say this undecided
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this late in the game, not as if either the president or mitt romney are carving cut outs of each other, i would think -- i would think that you have that have to be partially clueless or from mea neptune to not oline yourself with one or the other. but, it is not as if, you know, people are going to confuse one candidate for the other. >> no, i think it the starkest and clearest choice in 30 years. i think things reagan and carter, one are people that are such casual voters, they are just not going to vote, but the other camp are people that voted for president obama 4 years ago, and neil, and really want to believe that he was going to do it really want to believe he will do it again for next 4 years, but in their heart they know, we're worse off than we
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were 4 years ago, 23 million people unemployed, 6 trillion new debt this shot cutting in and -- this is not cutting it we need a change, i think they will end up votes for mitt romney, that is the camp, they know there is a choice but they have a hard time coming to grips they made a mistake 4 years ago, i think that mitt romney wins, that is going to be great for our country. >> all right, well no one is worked as hard for this ticket as you have governor, and a rising star, i discovered. i said, bob mcdonald who? i'm kidding. she was a rock star. and always enjoy talking with you. >> neil, thank you. neil: shy knocked the house down, all right, we have a lot coming up on this, beginning with stuart varney at 5:00, varney confuses people, a lot of
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people think that is a british accent, he was born in brooklyn, then lou dobbs 6:00, then just minutes before crucial states poll closes, likes of rudy you'lgiuliani and supersuper. and i can go on and on. the best and brightest on the planet. right here, with us, looking after you, and your money. >> both sides, sending in their big guns to win minnesota, is that working? it could be another crucial swing state. for many, nexium helps relieve
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neil: all right, i don't know if they are feeling nene or want to be intimidating a number of subsurrogate for robitussin campaign, they feel they will
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pick up 9 of the 11 big swing states including minnesota. which became which of like out of no -- competitive out of nowhere. it would be very unusual, you because this state i don't know has gone for a republican since richard nixon. that could change. democratic mayor with us. and also dncvice chair, how do you see things going in that general predict on part of obama folks. >> well i was thrilled i heard republican predicting that's would carry minnesota, we love the fact that you spend money, president has done so much to help the economy here, we think that is time that republicans helped too. spend money,. neil: you don't think there is a chance they could pick up minnesota. >> there always a chance, that is why we're working so hard,
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and i'll be up to midnight with a watch us rally -- cam campus rally, minnesota is strong for president, and continues to be, you mentioned that thing in the midwest, paul ryan has fizzled, they thought he could carry this part of the state,. neil: do you think that wisconsin is gone as well, that was like the back policy that if the romney folks, could not win, ohio, maybe they could cobble together enough other rust built states and -- belt states, i will throw in iowa and minnesota and wisconsin, a couple others to offset, losing that, you don't think that is likely? >> no it is clear they are going to lose ohio. >> why do you think clearly? >> well, you know, i spend time in ohio, the polls say, that but -- >> not all of the polls so --
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are you privy it stuff i'm not, you probably are. >> let's set polls aside, and look at reality, i have been on the ground, i was in parts of ohio, secretary of state there, tried to do a let to suppress turn out, trying to cut off sunday voting, a huge thing for democrats in ohio it was unbelieveable exciting to be in cleveland yesterday, and it was like a street scene with a huge line, i think that is terrible thing but good news people were not moving. neil: you are not troubled by -- by the way, i know you are concerned about suppressed voting. >> we should be. neil: but i didn't hear your same concern about ballots that romney supporters that were writing that came out for obama, but i am sure you were, i want to focus on notion that state, as far as early voting, is down from number democrats, who voted
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early be230,000 fewer this go around than 2008. republicans -- i don't know what that translates to difference from your numbers, would that be troubling ? >> i think we're looking at different numbers, i know that all over the country we had those numbers, but in florida, and north carolina, and absolutely in ohio. we've had real surges in turn out in i think both of our african-american, and latino numbers up 20%. neil: from 4 years ago, among those core groups you are up even in aggregate those voting early, it is down? >> we're looking at different numbers. but what i think is clear. neil: the ones i quoted are just ohio. >> yeah. neil: you are right, now that does not mean, to all democrats,
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vote democrats and republicans vote republicans but a lot more republicans voting early this time. >> it was fun to stand in that line in cleveland, it is clear they are voting for president obama. neil: okay. >> the other part that is powerful we never really shut down offices we have from 2008 in december, i remember opening a second was on in sioux city, iowa, we opened offers after office, that is not just about real estate but a neighborhood network, people getting to know their neighbors and talking to them, you can only have a grassroot operation. neil: we'll watch, you are right, it was an enviable grassroots operation. we'll see if that is repeated good points all. >> thank you. >> there is the issue of benghazi, that should be a big issue, polls indicate it should
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neil: well, what president knew and when he knew it about benghazi will not be determined before tomorrow, an issue that my next guest, should be front and center about to be buried and forgoton. senator johnny ir isaak son, wht do you think? >> it obvious that information that has come out, that obama administration knew or should have known that embassy was in danger, that chris stevens was
8:24 pm
in danger, and not prepared for the attack. the obama administration was aware. but not ready. neil: yet, i guess let's say, if the president is reelected. many have thought, well, that investigation will go nowhere. slightly better chance in mitt if mitt smith elected. -- if mitt romney is elected. do you think this disappears. >> no, secretary of state clinton appointed a accountability review board. you make sure that the entire foreign relaying relayings comms signed a better, it will come forward, we'll find out, we knew a lot sooner than admitted. we were not prepared. neil: you know, i know some of your colleagues, republican
8:25 pm
colleagues said, media and a lot of opponents of president bush did not waste a nano second trying to explore weapons of mass destruction, who knew what, or hid what. but here, same zeal does not apply. what do you think of that? >> any time an american dies in the line of duty, particularly a diplomat, first diplomat killed since 1979, all americans and all media should be focused. why the media has not focused we could never guess. neil: i appreciate your effort to try to get to the bottom of this be well, sir. >> thank you, neil. neil: all right, we're still following this fallout from sandy, then the nor'easter coming as well, expecting like 28 feet of snow, not really it is 25. here is what is so about the storm, do you know that in my home state of new jersey, they are going to be looking at on-line, balloting and voting and they will bus you to
8:26 pm
different locales if you have, to some districts in new jersey you will vote in montana, not really, but it is of confusing, i tell you when things get confusing lawyers start suing, the fallout from the storm that has not even gun begun, after this. follow the wings. ♪
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think it's weird to collect air? you wouldn't think so if you saw what your lungs collect every time you breathe. protect your health with life-saving air quality updates from the american lung association. get our free "state of the air" app at neil: you know, i love our janice dean and the weather machine, so for preparation for big storm last week, she said it would be bad. we got through that, she was right it was bad, i thought okay, janice is done, she will show me sun light, but he said,
8:30 pm
something about a nor'easter that will be bad, maybe not the same bad, but bad. what is going on. >> not another sandy, but it will add insult to injury, one thing with this storm, sandy we had a really good idea. this one remains offshore but how far inland it moves will be difference between a dusting of snow to perhaps 3 to 6 inches of snow, and how gusty the winds will be, we have to watch this carefully, i think we'll have a better idea what it is going to do tomorrow, at any rate, we have a storm that is adding salt to the wound. here is what we have wednesday to thursday, overnight to thursday, rain, heavy at times, wind gusts 60-miles an hour,
8:31 pm
snow possible in mountains and interior, and beach erosion. a lot of the areas are exposed because of sandy. wind gusts, there is one of our computer models, wednesday offshore, very strong but much of the storm remains offshore, that would be a good news scenario, we don't want to see this storm inch closer, that will mean, a lot of wind, and in excess of maybe 50-miles an hour, there is our future radar, most most our offshore. you go this here is potential for sleet, freezing rain, and perhaps some snow. where the "storm track"s is the difference maker. we head to friday, so something to watch, we're not really sure of this forecast. but one thing for certain, temperatures are cold, we have hundreds of thousands without
8:32 pm
power that will be really a deadly scenario potentially for next several nights, people need to be checking on their neighbors, especially elderly and those with small children. check on your neighbors, maybe neighbors can help out, get them to where it is warm. a quick look at elect forecast, no reason not to get out and vote, the storm moving off the coast, maybe a few showers, and west coast looks really good, a few lingering showers across northwest, tomorrow election forecast there is no reason to not get out and vote. back to you. neil: all right janice thank you very much. generally rule of thumb in politics, that good weather helps democrats, and bad weather respects republicans -- helps republicans, i don't know if that is true.
8:33 pm
our next guests know the real matters that matter. all right, elizabeth to you, good weather news before the next nor'easter hits. we still have a couple million folks without power. but how do you think this will fallout tomorrow with the vote, if by and large, weather is good. >> i don't think it would have too much of an affect, i spoke with a close friend with a lot of family and friends in new jersey, for those without power, that still have their houses they seem to be ready to go out and vote. it is logistics finding the election places that are open, they are committed to voting. but not highest on their priority list. neil: sherri, who is more jazzed
8:34 pm
to go out and vote? >> well, this year it would appear that it is republicans, we see that in early voting, where barack obama's numbers are down from why they were in 2008, and mitt romney's numbers are higher. than they were for john mccain. you also see in the tens of thousands of people showing up at romney rallies, more on-line of 2008, for barack obama. so i think that it will be harder to keep the republican voters at home. overall, i say people are fairly enthusiastic all the way around the edges. neil: judging crowds is risky. i covered the dukakis campaign in 88, i remember his last few days of rallies were huge, and his was not a razor-tight election. >> you could feel it up there. neil: i believe, you are right, there is something palpable
8:35 pm
about enthusiasm for romney, it might be on based on antipathy for president, but is that something not propping up in polls, the passion of romney base to hear governor mcdonald from virginia tell us is not popping up in surveys. >> i think there is a potential for, that i am going to quote my mother, she said, mitt romney might not have been high first choice, but he is my last hope. that is a good motivate or, to see where people's temperatures are. and i do agree, speaking with a coworker erika johnson, she thinks that something that polls might be missing, if mitt romney wins tomorrow it might be a different look at polling. neil: it might not affect
8:36 pm
presidential race, because of lot of states affected by storm, new jersey and new york are blue, but particular affect editorial races, a well the might take angst, a lot of close congressional races could be decided at the anger at incumbent? >> it has to do with what you supported going in. if you had hard-core support for a person, you are probably not going to change over this, if you were on the fence, you think your elected officials are not doing a good job. well, it is fema that ran out of water. there are genrattors in central park, you might top take it out to somebody, that somebody could be barack obama he is the incumbant president, came in for a photo op with a ice cream
8:37 pm
cone, a lot of people are hurting and with cold weather coming in these are dire circumstances, i would not be a bit surprised itf voters took it out across the board on their elected officials. neil: ladies thank you. >> thank you very much. neil: over weekend, we had democratic congressman, said he was the giving fema high praise, and he said that fema deserves 14 billion more bucks, i asked how is he paying for it, but i have a feeling that texas congressman ron paul would disagree. this happy couple used capital one venture miles
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neil: you heard us talk about
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fema, did they do a good job or not, you heard us being a little leary on the show. on the phone with us now texas congressman ron paul, i had your college from pennsylvania saying give fema another 14 billion right now, what say you? >> i think that is a bad idea. when is it going to stop? where is the limit? and there are no limits, they probably the, they are already 18 billion in debt, they' another 14 for a program that causes people to do dumb things, people build on the beaches and on the coast because, the market does not provide insurance for them, but the government does, people who don't build nice houses on the beach, have to pay for the rebuilding of this. this is a terrible program. and i had this position, for a long time. and i get many, many times, more
8:42 pm
calls complaining about fema than i ever get complaining about my position. it never hurt me politically, people are not with this. but i have to say when trouble hits, we is have this program, i try to make these things work but they can't, they are going to help drive us in bankruptcy, and all this will have to end. neil: you know, you risk it and i admire you, you look cruel when you say no to fema, you know a thing or two from fema track record, now we hear from people on scene with folks in staten island, they keep saying help on the way, but water bottles are not there, basic comforts are not there, basic supplies were delayed. if not for private funding effort and likes of walmart
8:43 pm
getting involved there would be no help, now we get word from fema administrator saying more than $2 10 million has been approved for individuals to assist with housing and other disaster related nights, the problem is that it not immediately dispursed. it does not get into the hot little hands right away it could be weeks or months. >> that is when congressman will be called and we get our calls could and people beg and plead, they had been told this, and they played flood insurance, -- paid flood insurance, this is bureaucratic this is slow and inefficient. when private companies have insurance i think they do get checks to the people much quicker. but fema gets in the way of local authorities. for first 2004 years of our history -- 204 years of our
8:44 pm
history, federal government was never involved in natural disasters, but after cas reasonna you think they would -- katrina you think they would wake up, but no, it will not clear up until we do declare bankruptcy, that money comes from poor people, if you borrow it, they are indebted, if you don't borrow you print it, they get a business cycle, and they end up without their job, and they think it is for free, wake up and see, every time government spends money it is a cost and a tax, comes back and hits middle class more than anyone else, esspecially low income middle class who try to survive, they suffer the most from all of these programs even with a pretense they will take care of us forever.
8:45 pm
neil: and you always look cruel if you oppose it but track record is such, like telethons, their heart is in the right place but if haiti got a fraction of the money that was pledged after earthquakes and disaster its would look like atlantis right now. >> that is right, same thing over again, you know where that will take us. neil: we have to think through this, folks. ron paul always a please oar sir, thank you. >> swing state mayors are duking it on the ground, a republican and a democrat go at it right here. fox business, we mean. business.
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neil: i don't know about you. i feel like comic jackie mason. look at these. so i thought i would get experts from each side to get a gauge on what is really going on. madison, wisconsin, republican mayor. and mayor to you thank you. big crowd for president. that does not mean that they turn to a win in wisconsin, but, how do you think that state looks right now. >> the state looks good for president. we had a good strong come back in terms of the economy because of the president's policies in last few years. neil: your republican governor takes credit for that but anyway. >> you want to get into that we can debate on what governor walker has done to undermine employment here in wisconsin. neil: but you think that president will be the
8:50 pm
beneficiary. >> the president is beneficiary from work he has done, and what we've done with the local economy, what we've done, we will turn out vote in ed that -- in madison, and dane county and mill walk that's shoulmilwaukeee president's win in wisconsin, we work together in terms of building a work force, and that is despite what governor walker did. neil: all right, switching gears to newark, ohio. and mayor, bruce springsteen with president, and jay-z with president on celebrity card, mitt romney does not get quite the same sort of luster. does that worry you in ohio? wherely is in fight of his life? >> no, i don't think so, we're more down to earth here in ohio, and i don't think that what goes on in the west coast, celebrity side is important, what counts is people, we have long lines at
8:51 pm
early voting polls, people that understand we need a strong leader, that we don't have right now. we have lowered our unemployment rate in lincoln county, east of columbus, we're 5.7% that is done from a local perspective, done went with governor kasich and company building private public partnerships become to what previous president reagan said, government is not the solution it is the problem. there are things that government is good for, things that are not, private sector steps in they are the ones that create the jobs. neil: i mention it, but, you never led in any of those polls, have you been close but never led do you worry about that? >> the numbers are so close. >> i hear you. >> that means add or take 3%. neil: a grain of salt.
8:52 pm
neil: mayor, let me ask you something in early voting results. in ohio, i checked this out, that busy early voting, very impressive for democrats not as many this go round, about 230, 240,000 fewer democrats opting for early votinn, 7,000 more republicans that does not 19 thameanthe race goes against des but it hints of a big battle in at least ohio. >> i can't tell you. what is going on in ohio, but here in wisconsin, we have seen in madison and dane county, that is heavily democratic, we do not keep track of party affiliation here, as they do in some states for early voting we know we had record turn outs by wednesday of last week, we had exceeded what we "saw 4" years ago in terms of
8:53 pm
early voting. neil: were you getting record turn out for recall election too? >> no. neil: you were not. >> it was first recall we had for a governor, if you want to do a session think on governor walker -- if you want to do a segment on governor walker i am be happy to. the enthusiasm is there we know, and this is one thing we understand, is that it is public investment in infrastructure and public investment in human capacity that drives that private investment. it always is preceded by that. >> all right, real quickly, fair balance. you think that whatever we're seeing, mitt romney picks up ohio tomorrow? >> that is what i think, we've seen him -- we have late strong turn out with undecided, they lead to competitor.
8:54 pm
neil: thank you both for taking time. read from iowa, one of those crucial states, is do-or-die for them, either one does not do well in ohio or in wisconsin, stick around.
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8:58 pm
mitt romney dollars should he lose ohio, that is refined rich edson in the morning. >> reporter: good evening. president obama couple of hours from now delivers a final campaign address of his career, at least for himself. president obama doing a bit of work today. coming from columbus, ohio. madison, wisconsin on to chicago this evening, and that is where his campaign says he will state, in illinois for the remainder of this election cycle. the spot for the obama campaign, they say it all started back in 2008 when he won the iowa caucus propelling him to the democratic nomination and on to the white house. he inherited an economic mess, his policy helped improve things and that those policies should be continued on to a second term. also, a bit of what you might consider a proxy campaign, equating his economic policies to those of bill clinton, those
8:59 pm
of george w. bush and mitt romney. basically an election he is making between clinton and george w. bush. the obama campaign, like basically every campaign in the history of presidential campaigns, is projecting their confidence on the eve of election night, and they cite small, yet significant leads in the battleground states. neil: if you are mitt romney, and let's say you lose ohio, your next strategy is when wisconsin, pick up to an electoral votes. when i look, pick up six. you have 16 of the 19 votes you would have gone in ohio, but it is an uphill battle for the romney folks trying to find an alternative after ohio. >> absolutely. mitt romney loses ohio it becomes incredibly difficult. that is why ohio is important and basically every part of this campaign, vice-presidential, and presidential in ohio today


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